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Getting Media Attention

Want to get your message out to the media? We’ve been talking with the media – across all industries and at all levels – for years. We’re very good at getting the media’s attention.

  • Media releases, key messaging & liaison
  • Media & press product launches
  • Media strategy & program development
  • Media training
  • Issues & crisis management


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Kerryn Nelson and the Big Mouth team for many years.

We initially worked together on collaborative project called eGames, which was a new and exciting concept that involved holding a gaming expo in Melbourne Victoria.

This was not yet a mainstream event and despite the numerous obstacles involved in co-ordinating this, the Big Mouth team flourished under adversity and they were instrumental in making this event successful.

TekTime was invited by Big Mouth to do a live radio broadcast from the event which was ground breaking for its time. This demonstrated to me the ability and willingness of Big Mouth to seek out new techniques and ideas, regardless of their complexity, in order to deliver on the stated objectives of a project. Since then we have worked together on other projects and have found the Big Mouth team to be equally diligent and committed.

I have found Kerryn to be a highly focused, enthusiastic and fully committed person. She is meticulous in researching the relevant areas in order to deliver on a project.

I would not hesitate in using Big Mouth’s services.”

(Ash Trotter, Founder of Tektime (Radio & TV) and Technology writer for MX Magazine)

"I have been actively working with Kerryn and her team at Big Mouth for over six years now and have found the whole experience a joy.

Kerryn leads by example, understanding and anticipating the needs of both sides of the fence when it comes to the art of PR.

From the client side, Big Mouth know who will provide the best avenue to success, and beyond this the team extends the reach into media not normally associated with the account at hand, engaging outlets that may not normally have a focus on the material, but ultimately benefit from being involved.

Likewise, being on the media side, Kerryn and her team have provided leads into areas that are both a neat fit for the outlet, providing all the information and support to make the story great, but conversely are willing to provide content on the periphery of an outlets comfort zone, which in turn can be an extremely satisfying experience.

Again, from the media side, this is all done in an extremely enjoyable yet professional manner.

The team at Big Mouth are wonderful and responsive to deal with and I look forward to an ongoing relationship long into the future."

(Mike Bantick, Journalist and Games Editor, iTWire)

“After much searching and with low degrees of success, I was after a PR company that would have the contacts and drive to increase the profile of our Smart Girls Practice within the Mastermind Group. After engaging Big Mouth, the results were almost instant. We obtained invaluable market awareness about our business which has enabled us to open doors with prospects we would not have otherwise been able to. Big Mouth delivered on their commitment. We have now standardised on Big Mouth as our PR partner of choice for Smart Girls.”

(Fulvio Inserra, Managing Director, Mastermind Smart Girls)