Thinking Big Webinar Series

Thinking Big Webinar Series

A free webinar series that explores ideas for managing and improving your personal and professional wellness... at a social distance.

Business | HR | Finance | Legal | Communication | Healthy Eating | Fitness & more...

The Big Mouth team have designed a webinar event series specifically to keep our Big Mouth community connected, motivated and feeling positive during this challenging time.

With so many great people in our Big Mouth network, we wanted to bring them together to share their tips, tricks and professional insights to help others manage all aspects of their lives – professional, personal and emotional.

Each week our ‘Thinking Big’ free webinar series will explore tips on HR, finance, legal, healthy eating, fitness, business productivity, team communication, networking and much, much more. 

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Harlan for website

Harlan Wilkerson

How to Optimise your Business Systems

Wednesday 17th June, 10.30am

Join guest presenter, Harlan Wilkerson as she explores ideas on managing and improving your business operations and processes.

Harlan is a Business Operations and Data Consultant and runs her own successful consultancy firm, Harlan Elyse Consulting.

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Dr Rebecca Farthing

Working from Home Ergonomics - How to Stop the Soreness...

Join guest presenter, Dr Rebecca Farthing as she explores ideas and exercises for good posture and maximum productivity in your home office.

Bec is an Osteopath, Naturopath & Founder of her own successful wellness centre, Total Balance Health.


Daniel Koutzamanis - website

Daniel Koutzamanis

Keeping Financially Fit: How to Maximise your Financial Opportunities During and Post COVID

Wednesday 15th July, 10.30am

Join guest presenter, Daniel Koutzamanis, as he discusses ideas to help you keep financially fit and maximise your financial opportunities.

Daniel is a Senior Mortgage Broker with over seven years’ experience in the finance industry, currently representing LoanMarket and in the process of establishing his own independent consultancy.