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Online Events: A Time to Learn and Gain New Perspectives

Online Events: A Time to Learn and Gain New Perspectives

Big Blog Post #9

The events industry has been turned on its head. With this sudden change in event delivery, there has been an increase in online conferences, summits and webinars. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time learning and taking in content that we may not otherwise have the time to access. We’ve been participating in a few webinars recently and thought you may like to hear more about them.

One of the first online events we came across back in early April, was Atlassian’s Remote Summit. In case you’re not familiar with Atlassian, they develop computer software solutions for big brands like ANZ, NASA, Macquarie Group and Woolworths. The company was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2002 by Mike Cannon-Brookes‎ and ‎Scott Farquhar and in 2019, was estimated to be worth about $50 billion. They dominate their market and are highly regarded experts at the cutting-edge of their field.

Considering their reputation, we were interested to see what an online summit from the billionaire software company looked like. I chose a session called: If you’re not disrupting from within, you’ll be disrupted from without. The session was hosted by Jonathan Restarick, Managing Director of Accenture. (For a plain-English explanation of Accenture, click here.)

Let my preface this by saying, yes, this is advice from a massive, global, billion-dollar company. However, I was surprised by how transferable and relevant these concepts seemed. Here’s what I learnt:

  1. In the past, you could stop, think, choose, then act. Now, there is little time to plan. So, you need to plan to be agile.
  2. Size and scale are no longer an advantage – it’s the smaller and more agile businesses that win.
  3. There is currently too much focus on the artistic perspective of innovation, rather than on the scientific and measurable perspective.
  4. Projects are less important than ensuring constant development.
  5. Skills will become the new social currency.
  6. EQ (emotional intelligence) will become more important than IQ.

Not only was the summit entirely online, it included a full program of sophisticated content from highly reputable partners – and all available for free!

The silver lining of the current time is that we all have the opportunity to do things differently. We have access to more content and taking part in online events such as this one can help us see things from a different perspective.

You can still register and watch the Atlassian Remote Summit here: