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Working through COVID-19: Tools to Transform your Business Events

Working through COVID-19: Tools to Transform your Business Events

Big Blog Post #6

Under the current challenging circumstances we’re all now dealing with, it’s become important for companies to consider transforming their business events to a virtual or online format to avoid becoming lost or irrelevant in the current online climate. However, many people or organisations may be unsure about how to start. So, the Big Mouth team have come up with some things you can consider to help transform your business events from in-person events to an online experience.

Over the last month, you may have noticed many networking groups, associations and corporate organisations ramping up their online content with blogs, online conferences and webinars. The Big Mouth team have found it a worthwhile exercise to do our own research and look at what other businesses in the industry are doing and where opportunities may lie.

Online it’s very easy to reverse engineer what businesses are doing and how they’re doing it. This can give you some insight and also provide ideas as to how you could transform your organisation’s events.

What’s more is if you’re like us, you’re probably already using several online tools but just need to get the word out and show clients that you’re digitally capable. What’s great about these tools is that they will also prove valuable for future events when circumstances are safe to return to in-person event delivery or adopt a hybrid event offering.

The Big Mouth team have been using webinars and online tools to expand the event offering for our clients for quite some time – but we’re also now looking at other ways to make our events even wider reaching for our current and future clients.

Eventbrite – You more than likely already know about Eventbrite. It’s a really valuable online tool for events of all sizes that allows you to list your online event and collect registrations. It also has an extensive blog that offers lots of free advice and tips for running virtual events. If you’re new to the concept of online or virtual events, we recommend you take a look. Try this – 12 Ideas for Virtual Events 

Zoom – You are probably also familiar with Zoom as an online meetings and video conferencing tool. But with screen share, chat and recording capabilities, it can also be used to create webinars and there are lots of other aspects that can give your online event a great lift. Why not consider adapting your ‘in’person’ events program into a webinar series? This will enable you to continue putting your brand out there through online events, social media and more. Plus, you will also keep that level of engagement with your audience and build your sense of community. These new online channels can then be engineered into additional content which can be shared across your marketing channels.

Event Management Software – Event management software such as EventsAIR, can be particularly valuable for large events with thousands of stakeholders, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors with time-saving features such as communications automation. They can assist with all aspects of your event such as, accommodation, registrations, social functions and sponsorship management.